Letters to the Editor

Supreme Court ruling misrepresented

Between the July 1editorial and Leonard Pitts' July 2 column on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling regarding health insurance for women, one would think all rights were stripped away from women. The Herald and Pitts should be ashamed for taking the stance that women's health is now in danger. No, it is not!

The Supreme Court ruling does not prevent women from getting contraceptives. How dare you print headlines, A big step back and Bad day for women's rights, reproductive health. No logical person believes that. Women can still get contraceptives if their employer refuses to pay for them on religious grounds. And, if women are so worried about paying for it, here is a another solution: Don't have unprotected sex!

It’s puzzling why liberals believe that this ruling takes away rights. They believe that if something isn’t paid for by someone other than themselves, rights are taken away.

James Harrison, Miami