Letters to the Editor

Heat hold out

I am a big Heat fan, and up until recently I was a big fan of LeBron James. If what I read is true, the latter is about to end. Sources report that James is holding out for a maximum contract; Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are ready to sign smaller contracts for longer terms.

While announcers and writers persist in calling James the best player in the world, he scored as many turnovers as points in one game, and his Finals play was marked more by missed targets and butterfingers than resounding dunks.

James left Cleveland after seven years with no championships. In the four years he’s been in Miami, he has had four Finals appearances and two championships.

Trying to pick Micky Arison’s pocket shows how ungrateful he is. Want the max contract? Sign long term. Otherwise, take a cut or move along.

Arlene Ross, Miami