Letters to the Editor

Charlie Crist’s generosity

Is Charlie Crist not charitable, as might be the take-away from the June 28 article, Scott, Crist lag in charitable giving? Last year, I had an insider’s look at the ex governor's generosity as he dedicated himself to raising thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society. The charity banked nearly $200,000. No one knows about that because Crist did it quietly, out of the limelight, with no desire for publicity. I happen to know about it because I was the one who cold called Crist and asked him whether he’d be willing to help us raise money for the American Cancer Society. I’ll never forget that call.

Over the years I’ve had to call a lot of bigwigs to ask for help with cancer fundraising, and I’ve been turned down plenty. However, when I called Crist he said “Yes” before I’d even gotten my question out. His enthusiasm was contagious and his efforts in serving as honorary chair of the American Cancer Society’s 2013 Jail & Bail fundraising event paid dividends for the organization. Crist’s tireless work for Jail & Bail won't show up as a deduction on his tax returns. But I don’t think he did it for the tax break.

David W. Singer, executive board member, Broward Chapter, American Cancer Society