Letters to the Editor

No new taxes for libraries

The June 30 editorial, The lastest chapter, mentions that we cannot have a sound library system without an increase of taxes. I totally disagree with that. What we need is our county government to be more efficient with county funds and the laws that govern those funds.

As of today the county is still collecting a half-cent sales tax for transportation, which we haven’t received anything back from the county but additional tolls. So the county might well divert those funds to help the libraries.

We are living in a county where funding for private stadiums, where the owners and players make millions of dollars, is a priority over our public schools, libraries, and transportation.

If we have to change to laws to divert those funding from private sports, then let’s do it. But stop relying on us for management errors of county funds.

Eduardo A. Gandolfo, Pinecrest