Letters to the Editor

Obama’s failure to lead

Jim Morin’s June 30 cartoon, “The polls say you lack the capacity to lead,” really irked me. It depicts a large elephant (GOP) sitting on an incapacitated President Obama, while the elephant is being goaded on by a Tea Party patriot.

The implication is that all of the failures of Obama can be blamed on the “crazy” Tea Party, and the befuddled GOP. Nothing could be farther than the truth, and Morin should know it. The list of scandals is getting too numerous to list, starting with the failure of Eric Holder to prosecute poll worker intimidation, and the fast and furious gun running scheme, failure to stand behind his “red line” on Syria, or the Benghazi failure to provide adequate protection to the embassy. Add to this the failure to protect the border, failure to reform the VA resulting in deaths, and failure to appoint a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal. The list goes on and has very little to do with Republican intransigence.

In summary, a failed presidency cannot be laid at the feet of the GOP or the Tea Party, but at the incompetence and inability to lead demonstrated by this president.

Dale G. Davis, Coral Gables