Letters to the Editor

Gun ownership

Re Fred Grimm’s June 23 column, After deaths, hoping we will forget, about the long list of questionable deaths of citizens at the hands of law-enforcement officials. I couldn’t help but make some interesting comparisons to his apparent distaste for ordinary citizens owning firearms in other articles you’ve penned.

Would he have us believe that the only folks who can be trusted with guns are law enforcement, military and, of course, the very rich who can afford armed security? And if so, doesn’t he see how these so-called armed professionals can be just as reckless, if not more, than some of the citizens committing crimes with firearms?

Considering the sheer number of firearm purchases, along with the thousands of concealed carry permits issued in this state, I think ordinary citizens are much more responsible with their guns than trusted law-enforcement officials he references. And this is not a Miami problem; take a look at any major city and one will find cops shooting up the place, injuring innocent people all the time.

If he doesn’t trust law-abiding citizens, and now law enforcement to act responsibly with guns, then whom?

Gene Ritaldato, Cutler Bay