Letters to the Editor

The real shame

All the outcry over U.S. military policy concerning one soldier, Bowe Bergdahl. Where is the outcry over our political blundering into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? That policy killed a quarter of a million people and sucked trillions out of our economy.

One soldier and five Taliban detainees, and now we question policy?

Why criticize President Obama? It was President Bush, swayed by a war-mongering Dick Cheney, who duped Congress into authorizing military incursions into Iraq under false pretenses.

We destroyed Iraq, a nation that had been a stable, successful economy. Now Iraq is infested with terrorists and has no government.

We so weakened Afghanistan that the Taliban will return to take over as soon as we leave.

Worse than Saddam Hussein is our smiling Dick Cheney, responsible for those needless deaths. And a gullible Congress backed him up.

That is a real reason for outcry.

Carl Buehler, Plantation