Letters to the Editor

Climate disconnect

Climate-change deniers are not limited to right wingers and lost pols looking for votes anywhere they can. They include local governments, developers, sports figures and this paper, which celebrated the completion of a billon-dollar tunnel that will be full of water before the management contract expires in 30 years.

Now a 1,000-foot building on Biscayne Bay? Really? The Herald has covered many stories of waterfront infrastructure planned for the ports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and plans for a waterfront sports stadium yet rarely asking whether these are good investments in long term.

While the op-ed pages often feature commentators warning of the consequences of sea level rise, there seems to be a disconnect between climate change and coverage of news involving projects that would be affected by rising water.

It is understandable that movers and shakers would live in a dream world where long-term coastal development is still viable; they will make their money before the ocean comes. It is harder to understand why the Herald compartmentalizes the separate issues of how public and private funds should be applied to the problem of climate change and the fact of climate change itself.

Michael Benjamin, Oakland Park