Letters to the Editor

MIA is lacking

I would like to add my lament to the June 26 letter Rude welcome at MIA: My husband and I likewise arrived from Heathrow two weeks ago. The contrast was depressing. We had to walk miles from the plane to the authorities — who, luckily, were courteous.

Upon exiting, we found ourselves in the upper concourse. We tried to flag a taxi, but the driver told us that he could not take us and that we could only take a taxi downstairs. There were no signs anywhere about taxis or directing us to stairs or elevators to the lower concourse. We roamed around until we found an information desk, which sent us to an elevator, hidden behind a wall.

When we emerged on the lower level, we had to walk another good distance to the taxi stand, thanking our lucky stars for luggage on wheels. We were forced to take an ancient vehicle, dirty and decrepit, with broken air conditioning. When we asked about the air conditioning, the driver opened the front windows and let the wind blow us about in the back seat.

I agree with the letter writer: This is a shameful way to greet visitors — or residents, for that matter — to Miami.

Hilary Langen, Miami Beach