Letters to the Editor

MDC Medical Campus on cutting edge

Re the June 24 article With bleeding and wheezing mannequins, high-stress simulations give UM medical students real-world experience: The use of human-patient simulators in academia continues to increase, offering the next generation of healthcare providers an opportunity to hone their skills before entering the workforce. Clinical simulation labs and associated simulators are helping to better prepare students in areas such as medical skills development, communications and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

In addition to University of Miami, Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus continues to make strides in this area. Recently, the 14th annual Randy Boaz Competition was held at the Medical Campus where 19 teams of EMS professionals were challenged through the use of birthing simulators, presenting scenarios that included delivery complications and other emergency situations.

The MDC Medical Campus has been using high-fidelity to low-fidelity simulators for almost 20 years. The most recent acquisition was a high-fidelity cardio-pulmonary simulator. Students from the majority of our programs can often be seen practicing and working together from within a real-life team environment.

Medical education is changing and we at MDC Medical Campus are keeping up with the latest that technology has to offer. After all, those being trained today are the medical providers of tomorrow.

Armando Ferrer, president Miami Dade College Medical Campus, Miami