Letters to the Editor

Willing to pay for libraries

We were delighted to read Fabiola Santiago’s June 10 column, Voters want efficiency, trust in government, in which she gives an intelligent analysis of polls suggesting a lack of voter support for increasing the taxes that support count libraries. She hit the nail on the head.

Like most (if not all) of our neighbors, we want efficiency and effectiveness from our government. We are, however, ready, willing and able to pay our fair share to insure the continued provision of essential and necessary governmental services, not only public safety — but also cultural and literacy offerings. And to treat fairly the rank-and-file employees who provide those services (as distinguished from the managerial bureaucrats with six-figure pay checks). The people who have tried to destroy civilizations have started their crusades by burning books and destroying libraries. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Don and Jeannett Slesnick,

Coral Gables