Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana is effective treatment

I thank the Herald for publishing the June 13 Other Views debate on Amendment 2, about the legalization of medical marijuana to treat specific debilitating medical conditions Dr. Jeffrey D. Kamlet ( It’s the compassionate thing to do) and David Murray ( No proven clinical value) each expressed the general feeling from both sides of the debate with clarity and conviction.

However, Murray’s position appears to be based on outdated and biased perceptions of cannabis as an addictive, dangerous drug just because the federal government still deems it so. There are countless scientific studies published over the years that clearly prove cannabis can have an effective therapeutic application for more medical conditions and diseases than are contained in Amendment 2.

Murray is either unaware of or is avoiding readily available research data that prove cannabis is safe and effective to patients. I suggest he start by watching the recent broadcasts by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who until recently, opposed cannabis as an effective drug therapy. After discovering through his own research and testimonials from patients who use cannabis responsibly, Gupta and several physicians not married to the pharmaceutical industry now openly support the medical use of marijuana.

It is time for Murray and others holding on to antiquated prejudices to look at the volumes of scientific research available and be enlightened to the true and proven benefits of medical marijuana.

Mike Estrumsa, Pembroke Pines