Letters to the Editor

Tax reform now

Re the June 17 article Financial records show Scott, Crist net worth increased: What a wake-up call! Even more shocking was the adjusted gross income reported vs. the taxes that Gov. Rick Scott paid during the last three years. During this period, his tax rate was 7.6 percent of his adjusted gross income prior to making $1 million in charitable contributions and other deductions.

I finally realized that the key to paying down the national debt while keeping our nation safe and providing citizens the basic services requires that we not raise tax rates. We do, however, desperately need to close tax loopholes that are so big you can fly a Boeing 747 through them.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have duped us. Eliminating tax loopholes would also help solve the income-inequality issues that continue to grow in our nation. The idea that we have to do it all or do nothing with tax reform has to stop. Congress needs to start cleaning up the mess that it has created.

Renee Pekarek, Cooper City