Letters to the Editor

Blame the parents

The June 6 article Film shows plight of undocumented seems to have a sentimental side for people who do not and have not respected our laws. In some cases, the child is made to sound like a victim of their parents’ or grandparents’ actions.

Now multiply that by the 11 million undocumented people here not paying taxes, taking advantage of government services, causing my taxes to go through the roof and I’m not supposed to have an opinion on illegal activity? Am I, along with other law-abiding citizens, supposed to feel sorry for them and say, “OK you can get away with violating our laws?”

If undocumented people say it is the fault of their parents or grandparents, then they are the ones these students should be angry at, not citizens who do not like lawbreakers. My family is made up of immigrants, too, but we did not violate laws to be here and we don’t expect society to turn a blind eye to lawbreakers.

Bruce Flanders, Davie