Letters to the Editor

Step aside, Dr. DeGennaro

I read with great interest the June 7 article Chief at Miami VA surrendered N.Y. medical license.

I personally know Dr. Vincent DeGennaro and can attest to his outstanding character, professional experience and competence. During his career, he demonstrated his leadership ability and moral judgment. Having achieved the position of chief of staff at the Miami VA, he is responsible for enforcing the medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations; implementing sanctions when indicated; and ensuring compliance with procedural safeguard to guarantee patient safety and quality of care.

His disciplinary record suggests that DeGennaro cannot fulfill these duties and responsibilities and, therefore, should resign from his position. His voluntary resignation would clearly demonstrate to all VA staff members that a leader should lead by example and have the courage, integrity, and strength to abdicate his duties. I hope that he reaches this conclusion to allow the VA to continue providing high quality medical care for our veterans who deserve to be treated according to the highest standards of professional ethics.

Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD, North Miami Beach