Letters to the Editor

Stay out of Ukraine

Trudy Rubin’s June 5 Other Views article, Obama’s disconnect on foreign policy undermines U.S. credibility indicates that now that we have a definitive plan to finally get out of Afghanistan, we should turn our attention in terms of financial and military (human) resources to becoming involved in Ukraine.

She thinks that becoming involved with U.S. military training and arms is a plausible idea. Like many others in this country, Rubin’s loose use of aid, advisers and arms when discussing the United States’ obligation for international engagement is overused to the extent of becoming a dangerous cliché.

Let’s enjoy a welcome break from funding any war. Then, divert some of those badly needed resources to the VA at home instead of merely paying lip service to the brave soldiers that protect our interests abroad and freedoms at home. We should really put our money where our mouth is.

Thelvius Winieckie, Miami