Letters to the Editor

Support our taxis

Because of the incompetence of the county and taxi companies, out-of-town companies Lyft and UberX are illegally operating their transport service businesses to establish themselves in Miami.

It might sound like collateral damage to those who like apps, but never take taxis.

If there is a need for a service that’s credit-card friendly, with clean vehicles and English-speaking drivers, why not raise the standards and issue hack licenses and let local companies bid for the smart-phone service? This would, perhaps, build some pride in what is being done by giving existing taxi drivers who meet the new standards access to own their permits.

I’ve been driving a taxi in Miami for 25 years. I’ve had my fair share of servicing people who didn’t have enough fare money and the incapacitated. I believe that fairness is long over due for the professional taxi drivers, and the money should stay here.

Marcelo Lean,