Letters to the Editor

Bring soccer to Hallandale

Mayor Joy Cooper invited the Beckham Group to build its stadium in Hallandale Beach. I must say that I fully support this idea now that the downtown venue appears to be a dead issue.

If it is available, the Gulfstream Park area is an ideal place for the stadium; access is very easy from I-95 and it is closer to Fort Lauderdale to draw fans from.

I would like to bring to the attention of the Beckham group that it is an American tradition to tailgate before games, which requires a large parking lot to do so. Gulfstream affords this possibility and it also has many restaurants that can be frequented before and after the games from which fans can walk to the game.

The area has a large amount of young kids who are presently playing soccer who would only be too happy to attend games with their parents. The stadium needs to be in an urban area and Hallandale would be perfect.

Michael Koonin, Golden Beach