Letters to the Editor

Real taxi competition

My husband and I have had several bad experiences with taxi drivers here. In the past it has seemed impossible for taxi drivers to find our home in time to get us to the airport or to find it at all. We have actually missed a couple of flights because of this. Have they not heard of GPS?

Most speak limited English, their cars are dirty and unkempt and sometimes the air conditioning doesn’t work. Then there’s the loud foreign-language radio station.

Because of this we decided long ago to hire a somewhat expensive legal car service. The peace of mind has been worth it. I think it is just too bad that the taxi people are upset. They deserve the competition they are getting with Lyft and UberX car services.

If you can’t compete, you lose customers. It’s called a competitive marketplace.

It is not fair to keep South Floridians from using these services when the taxi service here is abysmal. The cops need to chase real criminals and stop wasting our tax money cracking down on Lyft and Uber.

Linda Wilson, Coral Gables