Letters to the Editor

Pray for Christianity

There really is a “War on Christians” as Jesus prophesied in Luke 21. Christians are being imprisoned, crucified, beheaded, sold into slavery, raped and slaughtered solely for their faith.

Churches are being bulldozed, bombed and set on fire for being Christian. This is happening all over the world, but especially in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Even in America Christian businesses are being forced to close for their views or kids get suspended from school for reading a Bible. Even saying Merry Christmas or displaying a cross offends some; and not just the vampires or devils.

This Easter Sunday and Passover please keep the Christians worldwide under persecution in your prayers. Imagine what a world without Christians would look like. It may very well happen sooner than anyone has imagined. Are you ready?

Charles E. Nanney, Pembroke Pines