Letters to the Editor

Stopping North Korea

In the mid 1960s, I was a rocket engineer at Bell Aero Systems, in upstate New York.

My job was to prepare, test, and send the post boost propulsion system (PBPS) of the Minuteman III ICBM to what was then called the Eastern Test Range, now known as the Kennedy Space Center.

I know what ICBMs are capable of, and the time to stop North Korea from refining its development program is now. If North Korea is allowed to develop a reliable submarine-based solid propellant ICBM, our defense systems will be unable to neutralize such a threat.

A well-placed and nuclear-armed ICBM would be much more devastating than the effect Hitler’s V2 program had on London during World War II. Let’s hope Kim Jong Un is stopped soon.

Paul Irgang, Coral Gables