Letters to the Editor

Insulting TV ad

Some TV commercials are humorous. Some are boring. Some are annoying, and a few are highly offensive.

Booking.com’s commercial falls into the offensive category. It shows a kindergarten “teacher” telling the audience, “There is nothing more important than my vacation.”

As she speaks, there is complete chaos in the classroom behind her. Young students are screaming, throwing objects at one another, erasing written material on a blackboard, and one boy is sitting triumphantly in a water-filled classroom aquarium. In the midst of this pandemonium, the “teacher” grabs a cell phone from the hand of one of her students in order to book her vacation on Booking.com. The last scene shows this “teacher” in a spa receiving respite from her despised occupation.

Shame on Booking.com for having successfully insulted every schoolteacher in our country who is working for an inadequate salary, while giving so very much of themselves to nurture young minds.

Charles E. Hannemann,

Palmetto Bay