Letters to the Editor

Father’s Day

Perhaps this year, this time, has never been so important to be a father; it is complicated and not always gender specific.

Being a Dad, Pops, Father, Pai, Papa, Abba, Abbi, Padre or Opa, we all have one thing in common: The love and protection of our family.

Diverse and universal, all fathers want the same things for our children and family: The ability to grow in a positive environment unmolested by outside influences and bad examples. It is up to us to socialize our children so they will not fear what they do not know or understand.

We are the gate keepers of our families, but being a father is more than that; it is about setting a good example when those around us don’t. It is about teaching our children what is, and is not, acceptable, no matter how difficult that may be. And yes, it is about setting boundaries and even saying no.

It is also about hugs, understanding and forgiveness, perhaps the most important aspect of being a Dad. Take comfort and solace in all those who call you Dad, for there can be no greater honor!

Jonathan A Salit,

Pembroke Pines