Letters to the Editor

Wealth and wisdom don’t always go together

There is no refuting Phillip and Patricia Frost’s generosity and philanthropic contributions to South Florida.

Still, Phillip Frost’s June 12 interview on WLRN radio’s The Sunshine Economy program stunned me.

To hear someone as educated — and a leader of our pharmacology industry — refute and question man-made climate change without more than his own opinion was an affront to humanity’s quest for knowledge.

Just as surprising was his intimation that climate science is the result of scientists with biased conclusions or a political agenda.

Absolutely true — Earth’s climate has been constantly cycling and changing throughout geologic time.

That much he will concede. How does he think we have obtained that knowledge? Humans were not around for most of it — the Earth is 6 billion years old.

It seems he may be ready to champion an authentic exploration into the possibility of human-caused climate change.

That he, and he alone, has a monopoly on pure science, Frost has overstepped his credentials.

Florida is blessed with esteemed and fully accredited universities whose bona fide academics and scientists have been collecting and analyzing climate data for decades.

The current climate affects that Earth has started to experience were accurately predicted by complex scientific models.

What remains unknown is the exact time frame and severity, although studies seem to be getting more precise.

I am sure these universities and their esteemed and rigorously reviewed scientists would be all to happy to share their life’s work with Frost.

Steven Leidner,