Letters to the Editor

Levine to be missed

Re the full-page ad that Bern Levine placed in the June 7 Miami Herald: Individuals or companies often take out full-page ads to promote their businesses. But when has any person or company ever taken out such an ad to thank this city for supporting their enterprises?

This man has been a jewel in our community for many years.

When he purchased the old Parrot Jungle in Pinecrest, he rebuilt it and added many wonderful animals. When building Jungle Island, he took a desolate piece of land and made it into a wondrous place before our eyes. Animals have always and will always be close to his heart.

His love for this community is unending. I have been privileged to know Bern for 50 years. With th esale of Jungle Island, this community has lost a piece of Miami history. I hope Bern will enjoy whatever he does next and knows that he is surrounded by many people who thank him and love him.

Jean Newland, Miami Lakes