Letters to the Editor

Renters under siege

The Miami Herald’s May17 article on the hardship of affordable housing for low-wage Miami Beach workers does not tell the whole story of how difficult it is to rent in Miami.

I am a master-level professional with excellent credit and employment history, with the cash ready for first, last, and security deposit, on a 2/2 in Kendall — but I refuse to pay absurd (routinely, several hundred dollars) in nonrefundable “application” or “administration” fees that are deceptive and despicable methods imposed by property management companies to make additional profit.

These predatory practices are explained as necessary fees for background, credit, eviction history, and arrest checks.

My local police station charges $5 per person for an arrest record, evictions are public, and credit checks range from $9-$30.

Until our legislators rein in these profiteers, all honest working people will struggle to obtain decent, affordable housing in Miami. Perhaps we should mandate background checks on property management companies — then the real criminals might be exposed!

Barbara Byrne, Kendall