Letters to the Editor

Sick healthcare

As I write this, the Republicans are voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

They are replacing it with Trumpcare, which will not only strip health insurance from millions of us, but also will expose millions more of us who suffer from preexisting conditions to the possibility of actual ‘death panels’ (because everyone whose ever been treated for any kind of health problem will no longer have any health insurance).

Unless you’re a late night TV comic, you may not have the money to pay out of pocket to have your child’s heart defect operated on in an emergency.

Why are they doing this? Because this cruel act will offset the cost of the massive tax cut for the rich that is hidden within the language of the Trumpcare bill itself.

Trump and the rest of the GOP are heartless and sadistic, and would rather kill millions of Americans than force the top 1 percent to pay its fair share.

I’d say that I’m sick over this, but, that would probably be considered a preexisting condition.

Bruno Falconi,