Letters to the Editor

Buchanan’s error

Poor Agnew and Nixon! That seems to be the tone of Pat Buchanan’s May 2 editorial, “Media can’t win in the war with Trump,” offered by the first adviser appointed 49 years ago by Nixon to his administration.

First off, Agnew was forced to resign as Vice President, based largely on his illicit activities as Maryland governor.

Yet, Buchanan’s primary reference to Agnew was as “the third most-admired man in America, after Nixon and Billy Graham,” in December, 1969.

He compares the loathing of Trump by the mainstream press to how they relished “helping to oust Nixon.” It’s almost as if he expects Woodward and Bernstein to apologize for their investigation.

Buchanan concentrates on what he perceives as media bias instead of on the press’s vigilance and diligence in bringing down two of our most disgraceful politicians.

Jeff Spiero, Hollywood