Letters to the Editor

Women’s health

Alfonso Aguilar went on a diatribe against Latina women in his April 25 OpEd, “Hispanic Americans must reject abortion.”

I’ve lived in South Florida for almost 20 years, working with Planned Parenthood to ensure our community has access to testing for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, cancer screenings, and safe and legal abortion.

I speak from a lifetime of experience and working closely with communities from Connecticut to Key West when I say that South Florida is facing tremendous healthcare challenges — from some of the highest HIV rates in the country to the return of the Zika virus to the threat of losing health coverage if the ACA is repealed.

The last thing this community needs is reproductive healthcare that is more difficult to access.

I urge Aguilar and like-minded politicians in Washington and Tallahassee to work with our communities to make accessing a broad range of health services easier for Hispanic women, not harder.

Lillian Tamayo,

president/CEO of Planned Parenthood of South,

East and North Florida