Letters to the Editor

Cubans’ journey

I was enthralled by Lisette Poole’s excellent April 20 article, “Asylum-seekers miss Cuba after journey through the jungle,” relating the plight of Cubans’ horrific trip through several South American countries before reaching the United States.

However, she failed to realize the reason Cubans risk their lives to come to the land of freedom.

According to the Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission, there were 9,940 arbitrary detentions in Cuba in 2016, the most since 2010.

The suppression and lack of freedom that increased after President Obama’s rapprochement with the Cuban government is a more logical explanation as to why Cubans are leaving now, not fearing the “special immigration status [that] would soon be revoked,” as Poole states.

Alicia Cubota Smith,

Miami Beach