Letters to the Editor

Trump is decisive

A published article comparing Trump’s and Obama’s response to Syrian chemical attacks appropriately shows that the plans were similar, but fails to highlight the main difference. Trump retaliated with missile strikes; while Obama — exemplified by his policy of “leading from behind” — sought Congressional approval that he knew was unnecessary and unlikely to materialize.

The repercussions of Obama’s faltering policies have been disastrous, including emboldening Russian incursion in the Middle East and other areas of the world. Similarly, Obama’s naiveté led to premature U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, creating a vacuum that ISIS filled.

I did not vote for Trump; still, his decisive and appropriate military strikes send the right message.

Given Trump’s history of reversal of policies and lack of an enunciated clear foreign policy strategy, it is hard to predict what he will do next. It is encouraging that his ultra-nationalistic alt-right confidants have lost stature in the White House.

If Trump continues to listen to his experienced advisers, including National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, I am encouraged.

Jose A. Hernandez, Miami