Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Miami Heat

Even though the Miami Heat is not heading to the playoffs this year, I am incredibly proud of how they played this season — far better than I expected when the season began.

Even in the loses, they showed that “grit” that Spo is always talking about.

With all of the new players from everywhere, they still became a team and revived when given up for dead.

It was amazing to watch players claw their way out of the hole they were in by mid-season and end as they did.

I hope that Heat management will keep this gang together for next season, I’m confident that there will be a different result.

Thanks, guys, for giving it your all and working so hard to improve your game. They are still my heroes.

I’d also like to thank the coaching staff for mixing and matching through all of the illnesses and injuries.

A final thanks goes to FoxSports/Sun commentators Eric Tony, Jax, Will and John.

They gave a lot of perspective on the game and the players.

Charles Peters, Miami