Letters to the Editor

Internet privacy

The Miami Herald’s coverage of the recent internet privacy vote in Congress overlooked an important perspective.

As an educator, nothing is more important than protecting students’ safety and privacy – especially on the internet, where so many new dangers lurk.

But the privacy rules repealed by Congress did little to address this problem, and in some ways made it worse. They applied only to broadband companies, not to the websites, search engines, and social media companies, where most of the threat to privacy resides. And they illogically based protection for our data on the kind of company that handled it, not how sensitive it is.

None of that makes any sense. If someone scrapes my credit card number off the internet — I don’t care if it’s a bank, a bookstore, or an ISP – I simply want it stopped. And privacy rules that don’t cover Instagram or Snapchat might as well not exist as far as teenagers are concerned.

We don’t need half measures and partial rules for online privacy. We need comprehensive and consistent rules that protect our data and activities everywhere online and ensure that the most sensitive information receives the most protection.

George Cabrera, President and CEO,

ASPIRA of Florida