Letters to the Editor

Haiti coverage

I am a Haitian-American filmmaker living in South Florida for the past six years.

The Miami Herald is the only newspaper in the world that devotes so much news to Haiti and its diaspora. Too often, though, stories have focused solely on Haitian politics, perpetuating longstanding stereotypes of Haiti as a place mired in dysfunction, disaster and chaos.

There are other stories about the Haitian experience that do not just talk about the government’s “hat in the ring” drama, but explore a different narrative. I want to read more stories that delve into the arts, culture and real issues concerning the everyday lives of the people.

While I do understand the current climate of newspapers around the country, I do hope that you provide a more varied and nuanced take on what’s happening in Haiti. This country has a lot more to offer than its complex politics.

Rachelle Salnave,