Letters to the Editor

Rubio’s constituents

Senator Marco Rubio seems unwilling to meet with constituents, appearing fearful they will yell at him. He said it would be a “waste” of his time. He even inferred we were paid. Well, I am not paid. I have written. I have called. I’m a Floridian participating in our democracy. I’ve treated his staff with respect as they have treated me.

I would like to remind the senator that many of his constituents have family who risked their lives coming to America for democracy. Veterans lost their lives so we in America can participate in democracy. Not worth his time? Well, he is wasting my time when instead of answering my questions he sends a request for money.

It appears money is the only way to participate in Senator Rubio’s democracy. So, how much will it take for the senator to find enough courage to meet with those he has sworn to serve? Perhaps we can take up a collection. I promise not to yell.

Sharon Conway,

Winter Park