Letters to the Editor

Take your passport

Fabiola Santiago, in her Feb. 22 column, “Your passport — don’t leave home without it,” is up in arms over rounding up and deporting people who are in this country illegally. She says many have no criminal record, even though, by definition, being an undocumented or illegal alien denotes criminality.

Russia, Italy, Australia, Mexico, France, Germany, China, Taiwan and most other countries in the world deal substantially harsher and swifter with illegal entrants. The majority of the penalties include prison time, as well as monetary fines.

It is not a horrendous act to require all those who wish to enter the United States to abide by the rules and provisions set forth in long-standing laws enacted to protect us from undesirables.

The mere fact that someone has broken the law for a number of years does not give them carte blanche to continue their illegal residency here just because they have eluded discovery.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with immigration, as it has been the backbone of the success of the United States. But we have laws, and they must be adhered to, not flouted.

Richard Kirshen, Cooper City