Letters to the Editor

Bathroom fight

Unlike Texas, in the Feb. 19 article “High school transgender wrestler wins Texas regional title,” Florida allows transgender students to compete on the sports teams that match their gender.

Where Florida is lacking, however, is in transgender bathroom use policy.

A Florida school district will let a transgender student play on the boy’s soccer team, but might then refuse to let the student use the men’s bathrooms. This is the case in St. Johns County School District.

In school districts across the country, transgender students are being told to just “hold it,” or to use one of the few, and often nonexistent, gender-neutral bathrooms, like the one in the nurse’s office.

On March 28, Gavin Grimm, a transgender student, will go to the Supreme Court to fight for his right — and the rights of every transgender student in the country — to use the bathrooms that we identify with. It is our duty as citizens of the United States to stand up against oppression and aid in the fight for equal rights.

We must keep talking about this, keep tweeting, keep posting about this. Stand with transgender students and for equality.

Drew Adams, Ponte Vedra