Letters to the Editor

Support for WLRN

I am upset that the Miami-Dade School Board is trying to control WLRN’s reporters and editors as described in the Feb. 19 Miami Herald article, “School district push for more of WLRN raises concerns about news operation.”

We do not need politicians controlling the public’s No. 1 source of unbiased information in South Florida.

I have been listening to WLRN daily since I discovered it in the early 1970s. It’s on in my home or car radio all day long.

I have always found the reporting to be unbiased and trying to present all viewpoints. This trait is something I have never found in a politician.

If control is taken away, it will destroy the reputation of this great organization.

Member support will drop, and so will support for School Board members in the next election.

Larry Whipple, Miami