Letters to the Editor

Buchanan’s opinion

Pat Buchanan’s Feb. 22 opinion column, “Foes stifle Trump’s dealings with Putin,” is laughable.

Here is a man explaining to the readers about how President Trump won the election.

Buchanan is hardly someone who should be talking about how to win a presidency.

In the 2000 presidential election, Buchanan finished fourth with fewer than 450,000 votes.

Like President Trump, Buchanan catered to the white vote and was even criticized — like Trump — for running ads that promoted racist ideals. Buchanan also proposed that the United States withdraw from the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations; plus he proposed abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, the departments of Education, Energy and Housing and Urban Development, plus affirmative-action programs.

And here he is complaining that the mainstream media appear to be bent upon the ruination of President Trump, while the leaders of his own party are sabotaging him and his efforts.

Perhaps there’s a valid reason for that, Mr. Buchanan.

Perry Fieton, Homestead