Letters to the Editor

Devoted to students

Howard Cohen’s tribute to Betsy Kaplan in was beautiful, and there is more to say about the generous and bright woman who was my friend and mentor for 43 years.

Betsy was active in the Docent Guild, where we met, at the Lowe Art Museum, serving as president as well as giving memorable guided tours to hundreds of school children and adults. We will all remember her remarkable ability to give impromptu speeches that were humorous and enlightening.

Betsy enjoyed being a longtime member of the Alfred Boas Poetry group, the Alliance Française, and every nonprofit museum in the county.

While serving on the Dade County School Board, Betsy was unique in that she visited every district and every school. She knew teachers by name and listened to their concerns. She wrote congratulatory notes and showed up for so many meetings, performances and exhibits that she was usually “double-booked” and drove across county and back again. No neighborhood was too far or unfamiliar for Betsy. She believed in being there to give all teachers and students direct support and encouragement. I hope the county leaders will remember this sincere and devoted leader by naming a building or arts program in her honor.

Linda Z. Faber, Miami