Letters to the Editor

Get good at it

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz should withdraw bill H.R. 861. The bill was sent to the pertinent committees with no details, except that the the proposed effective date is December 2018, after the election. (Yes, we noticed).

Gaetz claimed on Fox News that he wants environmental conservation, but, “Don’t think the federal government is any good at it.” As a member of Congress, he is the federal government. My suggestion: If he does approve of environmental conservation, then he should get “good at it.” Our country has business to attend to.

Gaetz proposes sending federal EPA funds to each state to conserve their own environment.

Last year, Atlantic beaches were closed because of an algae bloom after the release of nitrogen-laden flood waters from Lake Okeechobee from the sugar industry — his campaign contributors. Fresh water management funds were sent to the state. But the state demonstrated that it is not very good at it. Repeating failure does not seem wise.

Pat S. Cook,