Letters to the Editor

Glades oversight

Re the Feb. 24 story “Florida water managers call for ending federal court oversight of Everglades clean-up”: Court oversight of the Everglades remains its best protection because the court has no interest other than the public’s interest in the preservation and restoration of our priceless natural resources. Federal Judge Federico A. Moreno has faithfully endeavored to provide just and equitable oversight.

The consent order provided the agreed-upon remedial process for decades of water degradation. While the article says that none of the 68 projects aimed at preservation and restoration has been completed, the state’s representative argues that it is time to end an “antiquated and inequitable vestige of a bygone era.”

Not so. It is actually time to start completing those 68 projects.

If the state is so confident that it has fulfilled its responsibilities and the Everglades is receiving water that meets the terms of the agreement, the state should move the court to hold appropriate hearings and prove it.

It is not sufficient to claim that it is just too old-fashioned to expect a party to live up to its promises.

Not when those promises affect natural resources that include a national park, designated as an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, Federal Wilderness Area and Wetland of International Significance.

Clean up first, and then end court oversight.

Suzan Hill Ponzoli,

Coral Gables