Letters to the Editor

Know your rights

Every day we see letters to the editor such as those where someone wants Mitch McConnell to resign or says President Trump should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

I first read the Constitution in civics class in 1955 and have re-read it several times since. But I still have to check it out when I hear people complain about their rights. It is apparent that most people know little or nothing about the Constitution they seem to hold so dear.

You may have a right to express your opinion, but you really need to know what you are talking about when you exercise that right. For instance, no one demanded impeachment when President Obama ordered a beer summit to settle a personal dispute in New England or when he made “personal” statements that if he had had a son, he might have been Trayvon Martin. And no one suggested that President Truman be impeached because he lashed out at the media when they criticized his daughter’s singing.

But when President Trump tries to defend his daughter, he needs to be impeached. Really? Editors should ignore the ignorant because, after all, there is no constitutional guarantee that requires them to print letters from readers. Well, except maybe this one.

Bob Reyes, Homestead