Letters to the Editor

Trump and refugees

There is another perspective associated with the Trump ban on refugees from seven middle eastern countries.

The U.S. is sending our Green Berets, Seals and Special Forces in harms way to liberate the oppressed. While they get slaughtered, we lost another Seal last week.

It is painful to see millions pack their bags and leave for greener pastures.

Rather, they should stay and fight side-by-side with our forces to bring back law and order in their homelands.

Perhaps via a new NATO resolution, a more worthwhile endeavor would be for countries to accept the refugees under the condition to take their able bodied men and women and train and supply them with the means and military support to return to their homeland and fight for the well being of their country.

This great world is replete of examples where citizens inside the borders of their nation fought to restore responsible government, peace and tranquility. Running away will never be the answer.

If so, in the end this great world will be left with hotbeds of cancerous cells of rogue nations.

To get support for Trump’s action, it will simply take another act of mass murder committed by an outsider to turn the current criticisms into a mass outcry of “well done.”

Peter P. Baljet,