Letters to the Editor

Sharing the burden

America continues to convulse after President Trump’s election. Millions take to the streets to protest, sometimes violently, for a smorgasbord of perceived threats. It all reminds one of Marlon Brando’s line in “The Wild One.” When asked what he was rebelling against, he replied, “Whaddaya got?”

Unrealized expectations have hurt tender psyches and given rise to flag burning and other examples of the free-speech envelope being pushed.

Yet these freedoms, guaranteed in America, this unique republic, are protected by less than 1 percent of our population.

It doesn’t seem right or moral that only 1 percent of Americans volunteer to put their lives on the line to keep Americans safe from aggression. Think about all those people carrying signs, “fighting” for personal causes and then think about those carrying a rifle who have pledged their sacred honor to defend and protect the other 99 percent.

America should consider how to better share the burden of its sons and daughters in uniform.

Bob Guerin,