Letters to the Editor

Look the part

With just a day to go before his inauguration, President-elect Trump has a lot of ground to cover. He still has to make appointments, complete business transfers and load plenty of unpaid tax forms onto the D.C.-bound moving truck.

He also has to address a burgeoning compulsion that can metastasize into a full-fledged addiction if he doesn’t get help: Trump can’t stop tweeting. As much as I want to see this habit as just a novelty act and a sign of the political times that generates good satirical fodder, it is anything but funny.

His Twitter obsession shows that the man who is about to assume the most important job in the world prefers to operate in a virtual reality. The extent of his policy proclamations are reduced to 140 characters.

I am tired of seeing the general public give the president-elect mulligan after mulligan on his behavior. Childish antics make for great slapstick comedians, but not presidents. It is time to act the part, especially for the sake of the country he wants to make “great.”

Layla Elman, Miami Beach