Letters to the Editor


When I turned on C-SPAN Wednesday night to watch some of the ‘vote-a-rama,’ trying to understand this process just a little, it happened to be at the very moment roll call was being taken for a vote on an amendment to ensure that preexisting condition coverage would be protected in a repeal of the ACA. Marco Rubio rolled as a “No.” I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut.

My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. No one knows what causes heart defects — like so many chronic health conditions, they are like rolls of the dice in terms of who gets them and who doesn’t. She did not ask for this; this is her given through no fault of her own. She works incredibly hard to keep herself as healthy as she can, but she cannot do this without access to health care, for prevention and monitoring and occasional procedures.

Our family endured the years before the protections of the ACA became law. We experienced insurance company cancellations and denials because my daughter had a preexisting condition. The trauma and terror of these experiences are etched into my being.

I also watched Sen. Rubio’s questioning of Rex Tillerson, and I applaud him for it. I admired the passion and compassion he showed for the innocent children who have died horrendous deaths in Syria.

My question to him is, why, in his opposition to protecting my daughter’s access to needed healthcare, does he not also show compassion for her life?

Susan Timmins, Holmes Beach