Letters to the Editor

Obama’s final acts

In November, I wrote the following to the Miami Herald, which now has proven correct:

“Now that the election is over, watch out for the surprises President Obama may pull before he leaves office.”

By October, President Obama had commuted a record 774 criminal sentences of drug offenders, more than the previous 10 U.S. presidents combined, about 22 percent of which were those of violent criminals. It seems likely that Obama will continue freeing other drug offenders right up until his last day in office.

Like Bill Clinton, Obama may free white-collar criminals or even terrorists before he leaves office. This would be in line with a subtle policy of vindictiveness to create problems for incoming President-elect Donald Trump.

President Obama may also issue regulatory orders to make it more difficult to reverse laws, or regulations enacted during his regime.

The sudden graciousness of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and even some congressional Democrats toward Donald Trump will soon evaporate when Trump tries to pass legislation to replace Obamacare), eliminate the illegal executive orders allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States, deport illegal aliens and build a wall along the southern border.

Alberto Vega,