Letters to the Editor

Medicare fraud

It doesn’t surprise me to read another article on Cuban nationals involved in Medicare fraud and then avoiding justice by escaping to Cuba and probably living in luxury.

Some of them are repeat offenders, have prior convictions, but continue with the fraud as it is a very lucrative business.

Let’s change the rules of the game: anyone involved in Medicare/Medicaid fraud will rot in jail until they return all the stolen funds.

We should also demand, as part of our recent open relations with Cuba, that all of these people be returned to the United States to face justice.

I know this will never happen as it has been rumored that some of these scoundrels are trained in Cuba for this purpose, and they will never pay back the stolen money.

Some of these criminals may evade justice, but those who are caught should face the full weight of the law by rotting in jail.

Pablo Canton,

Coral Gables