Letters to the Editor

Medical cannabis users fear controls

It’s surprising that companies would want a monopoly on a potential multibillion-dollar cannabis industry. Political contributions, connections and corruption will permeate the regulations. Having the legislators involved in any way in setting up the rules surrounding the implementation of Amendment 2 regulations will be disastrous. Why else did we vote for a constitutional amendment — to get the legislators out of any discussion regarding medical cannabis.

Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry gave us OxiContin (oxycodone) and all the other wonderful pain killers being pushed by doctors that are killing the residents of Florida. Who’s your legislator in bed with, big pharmaceutical and/or the Big 5 syndicate cannabis growers? What ever happen to draining the swamp? Oh, I guess that does not include the Florida legislators. It’s all about the money.

A Department of Health report released in October 2015 said that about 1,900 growers, processors and dispensaries will be needed to adequately serve the state of Florida.

The Big 5 syndicate along with corrupt legislators, like the days of old in Chicago, think they can do it all; they know what’s best for you, whether you agree with them or not. Why haven’t we seen any investigative reporting on this story? Innovation in the industry was provided by individual entrepreneurs most who wanted to serve a need within our communities.

Do you think the legislators or the Big 5 syndicate care about the patient, or is it all about the money? Innovation will die. How high will the price go, how poor will the quality be and how will this new industry benefit the patient, if left up the corrupt legislators and the big 5 syndicate.

My guess is, those of us who need this medicine will be the big losers. This is corruption at its worst. It’s time to stop this abuse of power.

Robert Marks,

Pompano Beach